Drawing investigation

Here are some faces that I made as a drawing exercise.

I'd been looking at The Golden Book of Myths and Legends, illustrated by Alice and Martin Provenson and liked the way that they build figures out of rough shapes. Below is an example. 

I made 30 or so quick line drawings and scanned them. Usually what happens after this is that I ink out piles of background shapes and scan them, but I wanted to try something different. I bought a Wacom tablet recently and this seemed like a perfect chance to take it for a spin. I had also just found a few bundles of Photoshop brushes from Kyle Webster that seem to nail the kind of inked line that I like to make. Below are the sketches.

Below is the sketch and the "inked" versions. I like how the Photoshop brushes worked out, I'm going to keep playing with them. Next up I think I'll work on some bodies for these folks and put them in a scene of some sort. Lots of fun!