Ryan Duggan

I was just checking out the print work of Chicago artist Ryan Duggan (Dooo-gan). He is currently making a poster every week of this year, and I can tell you people, it's not easy to do, even in editions of 15. Ryan's work is smart, irreverent and honest, and I recommend that you take a peek for and buy a darn print yourself.

But first, check out this sweet video about the dude.

Here are a few posters from the year-long POTW series. Snatch em up!


Process: Swell Season at Radio City Music Hall

This is an oldie, but folks keep asking me to repost this process so I'm sharing it again. Back in 2010 I was commissioned by The Swell Season to make a poster for a show at Radio City Music Hall. Such an iconic venue required a touch of class. I wanted a light, sensuous, tactile feel, so I went with a highly ornamental design that I drew in Illustrator. I then proceeded to beat the daylights out of the design to dull the precision of the vector lines. Adding some brushy ink drawing to the background helped soften the affair even more, and the final printing resulted in a luxurious, lived-in finish that nailed exactly what I was going for.

click to enlarge

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Scroll through the image gallery to see some of my image distressing tricks. I should have skipped the inked version and the redundant photocopies, veering straight to the xerox transfers, but I was looking for several options to pick from so I tried a few things.

The posters sold out halfway through the show, so it was a successful poster. this is definitely one of those posters that must be seen to really appreciate. I just wish I were able to make it up to NYC to see the show!