Magnolia Electric Co. screen printed gig poster

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Magnolia Electric Co. screen printed gig poster


19x25 screen print | 2 colors | s/n edition of 57

This poster was inspired by the Magnolia Electric Co. song "Hammer Down". This show was great and a little odd, because it happened at the exact moment that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah exploded on the internet. They somehow got added to this show at the last moment, the show sold out 5 seconds later, and a huge throng of young hipsters descended upon the venue. After the CYHSY set, most of those people fled, leaving their unwashed heat and stink in the venue. Jason Molina stopped in the middle of his set and handed a $100 bill to someone up front, with instructions to return with as much bottled water as possible. A few songs later, several cases of water showed up, and Molina even got change back. They ended their set with a Bob Seger cover!

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